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Reading, understanding and confirming the awareness and comprehending of the following Terms Of Service (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) is required for all users of the website https://pixorator.com/ operated by pixorator.com (“we”, “us”, or “our”)

By staying on this website, you agree to the present Terms that are legally binding for both parties (the represented Company and users, visitors, subscribers to the Service, customers, contributors, etc.).

The Company grants access to the content and functions of the website (the Service) under the condition of full compliance with the Terms that should be respected at all times.


When placing an order for goods or services on this website, you will be asked to provide a specific set of personal information: first and last name, email address, physical address and telephone number. Payment for goods is performed online using the unique payment information that only you as a holder of a bank/payment account and the billing company have access to.

The policies regulating user safety and integrity can be found on the Privacy Policy page.


The Company reserves the right to suspend or permanently delete accounts and refuse access to the Service for users who violate, neglect or knowingly abuse the Terms Of Service. Upon termination of the Service by one or both parties, the regulations applicable to continuous provisions (copyright ownership, liability limitations, indemnity, etc.) will remain in place.


The Website is designed to incorporate a trading space (on this website and the related social media pages referred to as “Marketplace”) and allows submitting original content created by users. The current European copyright law is applied to all kinds of user content. By uploading your designs, images, sketches and other author materials to this Website you agree to the current Terms and confirm your ownership of the submitted intellectual property. Copyright violations of any kind will result in removal of the submitted items with a probable suspension of the account.

External links

On the pages of this Website there may be found the links leading to third-party resources (websites, social media pages, data sources, web stores, service providers, etc.). We are not responsible for the content published on external resources that are linked to on our Website, for the practices or business administration methods, etc., performed by the third-party entities. All the links are purely referential in their nature and are included on our Website for indicating the source, for commercial purposes (in case of paid advertisement) or to help users find more information on relevant subjects.

We are not related to any external resources mentioned on this Website, unless otherwise mentioned and clearly specified, nor do we have a legally binding contract with any of such resources. We do not promote goods or services offered by third-party resources, as well as the resources themselves, by creating links to them, or engage in customer solicitation.

Eventual changes

The Company reserves the right to introduce changes to the present Terms at its discretion without prior notice. In case of eventual changes to these Terms the users will be notified in email updates. By continuing using the Website under the new regulations, you agree to the recently introduced changes.

Governing law

These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Poland.

Contact us

In case you require more specific explanation or clarifications of these Terms, please contact us.


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