About Us

Pixorator is home to visionary creation and unbridled imagination that starts with worthwhile hobby & art materials. Add the innovative techniques to pixel art crafting, and you get the picture!

Our website brings together wherewithal and inspiration. It is a crossroads for a miscellany of trends and techniques in modern artistry: cyber, nostalgia, video game, modern graphics, and so much more.

With our pixel bricks, you can make beautiful and original pixel art pieces of your own that can then be used as elements in your home design. Choose a ready-made package with prepared patterns or add a more personal touch to your work by picking out the pearls that suit you. The pixel bricks are available in different sizes and run the full gamut of colors for you to bring to life your most daring artistic endeavors.

It is no wonder that this space has become the meeting point for pixel art fans and artists: with the ultimate tools and materials for durable mosaic masterpieces, every enthusiast and professional has all one need for the next pièce de résistance under one’s fingertips.

Integrated on our website, you will find an artisan marketplace with originally designed pixel artwork items created with our materials. You are very welcome to submit yours and find thousands of admirers of your artwork, as well as the way to monetize your talent.


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