Privacy Policy

1.1. Our website respects the right of visitors and users to privacy and confidentiality and recognizes the importance of protecting the information collected about them.

1.2. The current privacy policy is a public document that covers all personal data (PD) processed by our company (Personal Data Owner) and is developed in accordance with the current European legislation on personal data.

1.3. The current policy regulates the use of resources, services, capabilities of the site as well as the use of information provided by you as a customer or subscriber to the services.

1.4. We will not collect, use or disclose your personal data otherwise than as provided by this privacy policy and current European legislation.

1.5. By using the website, you agree to the terms of the privacy policy of our company.

1.6. In the event of any changes to the terms of this privacy policy, this is reported in a clear, accessible form on the website, such changes take effect immediately after publication on the website.

2. Method of collecting information

2.1. Our company receives your PD by: filling in your information when registering on the site, providing you with data during communication with our personnel, providing you with information by filling in the form for entering information for participation in competitions, advertising campaigns, surveys, etc. both online and by filling out the appropriate forms.

3. User data we collect

3.1. The following information is required during placing an order:



Mobile phone number

We also additionally collect and process information coming from the technical means through which you contact us: cookie data information obtained in inquiries, questions, comments and reviews, geographical location, the information about the technical means themselves (device type, operating system, type browser).

We use cookie files to ensure proper functionality in our online store. We do not collect any personal information about you as a visitor. Instead, cookies are used to keep track of your shopping cart and remember the choices and settings you have made in the store. If cookies are disabled, the page will not work properly and you will not be able to make purchases.

User data protection

This website follows the guidelines and standards set by W3C. HTML 5 is used to structure the content and CSS is used to manage the appearance. We use Javascript for various functions that make it easier to shop. Unfortunately, not all browsers fully follow the standard, which is why the website may still look different in some older browsers. The website is best viewed in a modern browser that supports CSS and Javascript, such as later versions of,

– Google Chrome

– Firefox

– Internet Explorer

– Safari

Screen resolution

The website is built with “responsive design” and works well regardless of device.

3.3. Filling in additional data in the questionnaire will allow us to inform the participants of the loyalty program about the unique offers based on these preferences, create personal promotions, through which the loyalty program participant accrues additional bonuses for purchases.

4. Purpose of user data collection

4.1. We collect information to: assess and improve the quality of customer service / users of the site providing consumers with up-to-date information about the product and promotions, processing orders for goods to provide you with access to services for registered users, such as wish lists and notifications of goods receipt to increase the effectiveness of assistance content through customer support market research.

4.2. Information processing is carried out in accordance with the requirements of current legislation of the EU.

5. Transfer of information to third parties

5.1. Our company does not transfer information provided by you to third parties except in the following cases: delivery of your order by postal, courier and service companies, telecom operators, call centers (call processing centers) with which relevant agreements have been concluded with financial institutions (in case of refund) directly provided by the current legislation of the EU.

6. Terms of personal data storage

6.1. The information provided is kept only as long as it makes sense for the purpose stated in this Privacy Policy. In general, for a period of 10 years, unless a longer period is established by the legislation of the EU.

7.1. To ensure the protection of personal data, we follow international standards and use the best practices in the information security industry, which include physical, administrative, technical and organizational measures.

7.2. Our task is to ensure confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and manageability in the processing of personal data. At the stage of implementation of new (and operation of existing) services, we use modern methods and technologies of protection that prevent unauthorized access to personal data (intrusion detection and prevention system, intelligent systems for detection of unauthorized access, reliable encryption for data storage, the control of physical and technical access to data).

7.3. According to the established internal rules of the enterprise, we check the level of security of our services and infrastructure and provide constant protection against malware and modern cyber threats.

7.4. We also provide measures to prevent the sudden loss of stored data and promote their timely recovery in the event of a physical or technical failure. We implement continuous security monitoring and periodically evaluate the effectiveness of protection measures, as a result of which we implement the necessary improvements. We also require data processors to take appropriate measures to protect against unauthorized access and privacy.

7.5. In addition, we enter into confidentiality agreements with our employees and contractors, for which penalties are provided.


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